Resumes with coaching (cvwc)

If you don't get the application process right, you are going to struggle to compete and find a new job in today's competitive market. This eight step video & resource program explains everything you need to know to create a master resume, how to tailor your CV for specific jobs to get an interview, how to write quick and effective cover letters and lastly how to successfully address key selection criteria. You will learn the secrets to get past the applicant tracking software & have your resume shortlisted for interview.

It doesn't matter how good you are, it matters how good your applications are! Having coaching means you can send the job advertisement to June, she can review your existing resume or help you craft a new tailored resume that really sells your suitability for that specific role. She can read & improve your cover letters and help you write KSC. If you want a job quicker, then coaching will absolutely help you unlock the key to getting less rejections and more interviews.

When you select this course with coaching, you will be contacted within 48 hours to book your first session. This has program contains two, 45 minute coaching sessions. If you have an urgent application, contact June on to fast track this process.


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